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Draining & Refilling a Spa

Draining a Spa

Your spa pool needs to be drained and refilled every 3-4 months depending on usage. The video below displays how to use a standard Alpine Spa drain valve. When doing your 3-4 monthly drain and refill, it’s a good chance to fully wipe down the acrylic shell. Use some baking soda or a low-strength all purpose cleaner and wipe everywhere with a microfibre cloth, including around the jets (you may want to pop them out to get in behind them). 

Hose down the spa pool interior once finished and drain or bucket out the water at the bottom. You want to avoid refilling with the leftover remains of your cleaning solution as this may foam or cause trouble when trying to balance the water upon refilling.

Refilling a Spa

Topping up a Spa

If you are just topping up the water level of a spa, there is no need to place the hose in the filter box. Simply fill into the main body of the spa. Water should be tested and balanced using the Water Care Hand Book after topping up.

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