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Leaving the Spa Pool Short Term

This is an excerpt from the Spa Pool Manual.

If you are heading away for a holiday or just know you won’t be using the spa for a short period of time (less than a month), it’s a good idea to take some steps to protect your spa and save you unused heating costs!

1. Clean Filters

Your spa operates best with a clean set of filters. Remove and wash thoroughly.

2. Remove Headrests

Unclip the headrests and dry off before placing in a safe place. When the cover stays on the spa for an extended period of time, ozone gas can build up ontop of the water and eat away at the headrest material.

3. Remove Bromine (If applicable)

Remove the bromine dispenser if you are using bromine instead of chlorine as your sanitizer. Discard the tablets and store the dispenser in a safe place.

4. Shock Dose

Shock dose the water using a capful of Spa Chlor and ensure the cover is left off for 1 hour before leaving the spa.

5. Turn Down Temperature

Turn the temperature down to the low 20’s, or place in away/rest mode and make sure you spa is set to operate it’s filter cycles automatically (this is the default).

6. Secure Cover

Place the spa pool cover on securely and lock with the clips.

Following those steps, your spa pool will keep filtering and will not heat excessively while you are away. You will return to a healthy, clean spa. If possible, while you are away, have a neighbour or friend open the spa cover for 20-30 minutes to air it out and shock dose the water if required.

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