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VX3 Cover Lifter Assembly Video

Installing our VX3 Cover lifter is made easy with our 'Easy Installation Video'. The VX3 makes getting in and out of the spa effortless - a little time spent setting it up now, will pay off ten-fold in the long run! Scan the QR code at the beginning of the video for the most up to date copy of our installation guide. 

Before starting, make sure you have decided on the direction you want the cover to fold. It's advised to discuss this with your sales consultant before hand as a folded cover can block views and create access issues.

Download the latest version of the manual here : New Zealand OR Australia


00:00 Introduction 

00:18 Positioning the Spa pool cover 

00:32 Assembling the brackets 

01:58 Mounting the brackets 

03:45 Assembling the Support arms 

06:09 Installing the towel holder 

06:40 Cutting the slats 

07:16 Finishing touches

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