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Caring For Your Spa Cover

Excerpt from Page 71 of the Alpine Spas Owners Manual. 

The cover consists of a shrink-wrapped polystyrene block wrapped in a marine-grade UV treated outdoor vinyl. Although it's tough and made to withstand the elements, the cover is continually exposed to harsh sunlight and weather conditions plus whatever else is thrown at it during day-to-day usage. To maximize its life-span, please follow these guidelines:

General Cleaning (as required)

Keep your cover as clean as possible, and remove any debris that may build up on top of the vinyl. Wipe with a microfibre cloth or large towel and hose down if required. Wipe the underside of the cover regularly.

Dedicated Clean (once per month)

Once a month, completely remove the spa pool cover from the spa pool (you may want to cover the spa pool with a tarp or similar protector during this process). Thoroughly clean both the top vinyl and underside of the cover using warm water and mild dish-washing detergent (do not use harsh chemicals). Hose off and dry the cover with a towel. Ensure you clean the locks and straps so they are free of any mold or cobwebs. Unzip a portion of the zip and in a safe place, stand your cover up to form an ‘A-frame’ and leave to dry like this for 1-2 hours before placing back on top of your spa pool.

Protecting the Vinyl (every 3-4 months)

Every 3-4 months or each time you go to drain your spa pool, it’s a good chance to apply a vinyl protector to the topside of the cover. A spray on solution such as ‘303 Aerospace Protectant’ with U.V protecting properties or similar would be sufficient. Dry cover and remove any dirt before applying. A light coat will bring the colour back to life and help your cover stand the test of time.

Note: Consider purchasing a cover lifter if you haven’t already. These units increase the life span of the cover by keeping it suspended off the ground and tucking it neatly behind the spa pool when it is in use.

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