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Outdoor Saunas Care & User Guide


Internal care:

  • Remove dirt where possible, brush and shovel or vacuum.
  • You can wash down the walls with a small amount of baking soda and water mixed together, you can also use a soft brush to scrub. Always wash down after.

External care: Just like any other timber you can oil or stain the outside of the Sauna

  • We recommend oiling every 6-12 months. Oil will give it a natural look, you can get clear oils which will change the colour slightly (as if the wood was wet) but won’t take away from the natural look (also these oils usually have U.V protector in it). Some oils have colour tints which can be desirable.
  • Oiling can be done with a brush or roller (for longer pieces of timber). Apply gently. 

See more in the guide below.


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