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My Spa Water is Foaming

Foamy water is usually a result of:

- Excess body oils or detergents in the spa
- Incorrect pH Levels.

- Soft water (low calcium hardness)

- Heavy bather load.

Tips to reduce foam:

- Bathers showering beforehand 

- Rinsing swimwear in water to remove excess detergents etc.

- Tying up hair

Proper fix steps:

1. Check your filters are clean and do not need replacing.

2. Bucket out excess foam from surface of water 

3. Check your pH/Alkanlinity and Calcium Hardness levels are correct.

4. Increase filter duration time to 4-6 hours per day.

If above steps fail - Add ‘No Foam’ or a similar anti-foam product and run the jet pumps to mix and clean up the water.

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